2013: the year we stop using PSDs

Today I’m deep into preparing my slides for the HTML5 Developer Conference. Topic: “Making Peace with Twitter Bootstrap.” I have forty-odd minutes to soothe everybody’s ills with this ubiquitous framework. Since it’s a developer’s conference, I’ll emphasize solutions for people like you and I: front-endy things about SASS and Bower and whatnot. This will beContinue reading “2013: the year we stop using PSDs”

My Joel Test

This year, the Joel Test marks its thirteenth year (does it get a bar/bat mitzvah?) For all the publicity and parody it gets in developers’ media, it seems little-known elsewhere–I still get panicked stares when I ask about it in job or project interviews (“The JOLE Test? Is that one of these HTML5 things we’reContinue reading “My Joel Test”

Here we go again

In the current issue of The New York Review of Books is “To Monday,” by W.S. Merwin: Once you arrive it is plain that you do not remember the last time you are always like that insisting upon beginning upon it all beginning over again as though nothing had really happened as though beginning wentContinue reading “Here we go again”

The latest in HTML

No question, HTML5 is big news. It’s the subject of sold-out conferences, mobbed Meetups, and recent best-sellers. It’s even become a catch-all marketing phrase perfectly contoured to shove into presentation slides. But HTML5 better watch its back. There’s yet another promising HTML standard out there. It’s what you’ll want to use on your next project–hip,Continue reading “The latest in HTML”

Test-driven CSS Development

I’m not the only one to have searched this phrase. Many front-end developers (including, it seems, a statistically significant number of people named Simon) crave the benefits of a TDD-like process when devising stylesheets. The dream: define styles at the beginning of a project, test them for validity, performance, browser interpretation, then continue development feelingContinue reading “Test-driven CSS Development”

Letter to Gino Lee

Dear Gino, I’d hoped the news was untrue. Surely it was unbelievable: how could you die? You were only forty-nine. You are only forty-nine–I’ll keep using the present tense. You’re still alive to me. I have vivid memories of you from over ten years ago. There you are, apparently one of the last smokers inContinue reading “Letter to Gino Lee”